Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tiger Woods y'all

I know it's hard to believe, but I woke up really bummed out and not my usual happy go lucky, rainbows and sunshine self this morning.  It was Ben and Kamryn's last soccer games.  Ben was running around in his shark hoodie I made him, so that made me smile, but I was really sad the season was over:  I will definitely be coaching next season.

I don't know why but I couldn't get over my grumps; Tim and I have an inside joke:  sometimes he wakes up Grumpy, and sometimes he lets me sleep in.  I was stung by a bee yesterday and it made me sick and I was still in pain, so that didn't help things either.  I decided to go do service and hold an adorable baby---I LOVE BABIES.  This made me feel all better, but when I got home each one of my kids gave me a hug and told me how much they loved me.  I could tell that Tim had something to do with this and I got Kamryn to spill the beans that he had a talk with them and told them that they need to make me happy and serve me today.  Have I mentioned how much I love these dorks. . .

The day turned out to be incredible.  The sun finally came out and we took the kids golfing.  When we got to the course, the ball return machine was broken so we had to go out on the range and find our own ball to hit.  I had more fun hunting golf balls than driving them out into the range, because Ben kept stuffing the balls in his pockets.  He found so many, the weight of the balls began pulling his pants down.  He kept calling "wait up guys, my pants keep falling"  He even had his own little swagger trying to walk without losing them completely.  I almost died laughing.  I wish I had a camera.  

Next, We went to the duck ponds to have a picnic, skateboard, and feed the duck.  Poor Kamryn had a nasty wipe out and skinned up her knees, so we went to get ice cream to make her feel better.  We got home and Tim and I took a nap because we only had about four hours of sleep.  I never take naps because I have ADHD and always need to be moving and doing, but I'm just going to say I'm a fan.  I might just join Tim on his sleep all day Sundays ritual.

We had my parents come over so we could play card games with the family, and then Tim and I went out to dinner for date night.  Oh how I love having girls old enough to babysit!  Turned out to be a great day after all.            

Oh Sew Scary

OK, let's just pretend it hasn't been over 3 years since my last post.  We've been having the time of our lives!! To be completely honest, I'm freaking out a bit with how fast time is flying.  I want so badly to just hold on to every second and make time just stand still and enjoy this amazing little family I've been so blessed to have.  I guess that's why I'm here today to just quickly post our little adventures, and help capture the essence of life.  Because I love Halloween, I'll start there and maybe some how catch up on the last three years as we go.  Growing up I wanted to be a super model/princess/actress/superwoman/doctor/singer/dance/ ok I think you get the idea. . . so everyday was pretty much dress up day:  maybe that's why I love Halloween so much--alright, alright, we all know it's for the pounds and pounds of chocolate people are just giving away.  This year I was so excited because my little man wanted to be batman.  We love to laugh and we found these lovely gems online Batdad, and Super Hero Cafe.  I have a killer batman impression if I do say so myself.

Side thought--Our mornings are pretty interesting to say the least. Let's just say not everyone is super excited to wake up and get to school in the mornings; I have to find creative, silly, dorky ways to make mornings fun and get the kids out the door without tears or drama.  So, yeah I've probably used my batman voice a little too much if you ask my kids.

Any-who, I went out bought the perfect little batman costume for Ben months before;  I was feeling pretty accomplished for not procrastinating, so I gave myself a little mental vacation and kinda forgot about the rest of the stuff like pumpkins, candy, and costumes for everyone else until the literally a few days before.  Luckily, my girls are amazing and helped me out this year.  Ben decided the night before he wanted me to make his costume--which melted my heart.  He wanted to be a shark, so I ran out and bought a gray hoodie and pants and sewed on some felt teeth, a fin, and eyes.  It turned out so cute and it was easy.  Tim seriously is my hero and such a great sport.  It started out with "hey you just have to wear a red shirt and Mario hat" to "will you please wear these awesome overalls I made and a killer stache?"  Kids loved him!  They would call out "look it's Mario!", "Hi Mario", and my favorite "Look Dad, Mario found his princess."  We all had so much fun.  Kiora won a costume contest--She made her hat from a cardboard box!  OK I'll stop talking and just let the pictures say the rest.  HAPPY Halloween!!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hot Summer Sandals

Take a look at that beauty.  This picture doesn't do justice on how truly awesome my new summer style is.  Yep I'm a big spaz and broke my toe, so I will be sporting this boot for 6-8 weeks.  I'm not sure if they are going to put a cast on or not--I will find out tomorrow.  Lets just say I've had four babies and hands down breaking my big toe was excruciatingly more painful than labor.  I know that sounds unlikely but I guess it crush and damaged so many nerves it shot pain all up my leg, I blacked out twice, hyperventilated from the pain, and went into shock.  I'm just so lucky I wasn't alone.  My daughter ran and got my husband who carried me to the truck and drove me to the E.R.   I guess 31 years without a broken bone is not such a bad record especially considering what an adrenaline junky I was as a child.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

WHat the Heck HAppened to 2012

Ok I sometimes cry a little when I see my baby girl who is now almost bigger than me and turning 12!  Oh how I wish I could rewind the clock and go back!  I also want to kick myself for not keeping better records of all the amazing moments.    So here I go again trying to slow down a bit to take it all in.  It is officially summer!!!!  We survived and crazy, intense semester, and my poor brain is mush!  I know I've missed Thanksgiving, Ben turning 2!, Christmas, my b-day, Valentines Day, My 12 year anniversary, Spring Break, Mother's Day, and everything in between.  Let's just say it was all AMAZING!!! Oh and we just bought a new house. 
So I'm a strong believer that a Picture Says a thousand words, and because I'm on summer break and SOOOO sick of papers and reports and typing I will bombard you all with pictures.    
--Love this photo bomb

--Don't feed the animals

--Ugly Christmas Sweater Party I won an Ipod woo hoo

---May baby Girl Graduated Kindergarten and wants to be a rock star when she grows up.

--My teaching Practicum was at my Daughters school where I got to see this beautiful face everyday.  I've never been hugged more in my entire life from about 50+ kids everyday!! I earned the Name "Super Teacher!"   

--water park fun

--McCormick BEN is obsessed with trains!
Ok well I'm off of work so I will have to catch up later.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh sew crafty Halloween

Ok every year I tell myself  "it would be so fun to learn to sew and make all my kids Halloween costumes"--this year I nail it--well sort of minus the sewing part, my fancy digital sewing machine from the future is still in it's box missing it's needle I broke off, but I managed to rock the glue gun and duct tape. 

My handsome little fella WON his very first costume contest for the most creative costume.  Kiora rocked her amazing warrior princess, and Kylee well at least she wasn't cold.

The Kids had their anual costume parade I dressed up as a nerd--ok I just went out in public the way I normally look in the privacy of my own home, and When I looked up it was like the paparazzi was attacking everyone's camera was pointed in my direction then I looked down and notice my little hunk stealing the show and everyone just ate it up.

We went to the school fundraiser carnival and then hit up maybe 5 houses then ate pizza and snuggled up for hot coco and a movie.  I LOVE Halloween!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

easter party feasko

awe it's not easy being a mother to a bunch of Klutzes, let's just say you can never have enough bandages and it's a good thing I'm in the medical field. 

So we went to our ward picnic party and it was a disaster with a capital D.  Weekends are always crazy to begin with so when I got a text message to remind me of the party I squeezed it in---always a bad idea but I am the biggest crammer I HATE IT!!!! So that morning we made a huge breakfast and that took almost all morning--oh how I miss our traditional Saturday IKEA breakfast.  No cooking, quick and easy, and then the kids play in the club house while we shop around and relax it was always worth the 40 minute drive and who doesn't love IKEA.  We were late to the party so when we got there all the Easter eggs where found--Queue miny meltdown one.  After calming the poor distraught children, they started playing on the ghetto playground equipment that I wasn't to thrilled about.  I told Tim how uncomfortable I was he assured me it would be fine and they were having fun, so I tried to relax and made small talk with a couple of people when I glanced over to see my Kylee being drug around and around by those old school merry go rounds.  Her poor body was all scrapped up and bloody so I ran to the car to get the first aid kit.  We had only been there maybe 5-10 minutes.  I cleaned her up just to find out her little sister had followed in her footstep and was drug a few times before she let go to fall to the ground.  OK I was ready to go.  I got our dishes and a piece of cake to comforted my little wounded one and we carted our stuff back to the car.  We were there a total of 13 minutes.  My poor city girls aren't accustomed to homemade good ol fashion fun no matter how dangerous it may be.  We normally have so much fun at these kinds of parties, but I will definitely be skipping out on it next year if we are still living here, but I'm ready to move ASAP.  We moved down here to enjoy the slow relaxed pace of the country and life have become even more hectic.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Earned my beads for sure!

MArdi Gras!!! In case you haven't noticed I like to party--well let me rephrase that I am a very PG rated party girl, but none the less in my mind I'm a real party animal.  So just about every other day I find some reason to dress up, bake something delightfully delish, and celebrate.  So lucky for me I live in the good ol USA where holidays come in rich supply.  I kept sending what I would consider racy and flirty texts and emails to my hubby letting him know it's one of those party days teasing him that I'll get the party started he just had to bring the beads.  around noon I jumped in the shower so I could get all dolled up for Tim and take him to lunch at 1.  halfway through me singing and scrubbing Tim flings open the curtains and almost gives me a heart attack.  I was so excited to see him home I quickly jumped out so we could spend his always brief lunch break together.  I put on a jeans and a bra and quickly found us something to eat.  Tim only had about 10 minutes because he had to get to class he had rushed home because he forgot his book, but I told him the real reason was to see me he just didn't know it : ) We kissed good bye and as he was walking out the front door and I was making my way to our bedroom to finish getting ready he opened the door the UPS Guy was standing right there.  Here I was still in my bra and with cat like reflexes I ducked back behind some shelves mortified.  I could hear him asking for me by name and Tim just said he could take it and then shut the door in his face.   I'm hoping I was quick enough and Tim was tall enough so the poor guy didn't have to see my lovely show.  I defineately earned my beads this year.  UGGh I'm always making such a complete fool of my self.  Tim later texted me to tell my that ups guy looked really disappointed that he had answered the door and not me-- yep it had to be the same ups guy that is always extra friendly and waits until i come to the door, and now my husband has another reason to forever tease me about.  Oh well.  I know that won't be the end of making a total fool out of myself.